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Heartburn and Nausea

Heartburn and nausea are two symptoms of the digestive disorder, which is more popularly known as indigestion. What starts in a simple form of an uncomfortable acidic sensation finds termination and outlet through vomiting and a feeling of aversion. However as soon as the person manages to spew the indigested material, he immediately starts feeling calm and relieved.

For irregularities relating to heartburn and nausea, age old advice like slowly chewing the food and gradually gulping them to ease the digestion process is of immense importance, especially to those who frequently suffer from related disorders. In fact, it is all the indigested foods that find a way back through the food pipes to be expelled.

Other than these common instances, cases of pregnant women are also to be noticed suffering regularly from heartburn and nausea. As the gestation period is as good as catering for two bodies within a body, all the needs of the body in the form of energy, resistance and intake double up, more so as the fetus is dependent on the mother. As long as the mother takes to adjust to such a change, the body has its own ways of throwing symptoms in the form of heartburn and nausea which are a normal occurrence during this period.

In some old forms of natural therapy, the process of initiating vomiting through fingers and other natural resources is also prescribed. This is based on a belief to have the excess material emitted at the earliest and in the easiest way out in order to provide a clear passage right through the esophagus. Once this is done, the heartburn and nausea symptoms recede on their own. The body gets back to being in a normal state and the cycle of digestion starts afresh. Though the build up to this process of initiating the spew can be excruciating for the patient, he instantly feels much lighter and at peace with his digestive system inside the body.