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Heartburn During Pregnancy

Women experience different complications during pregnancy and heartburn in pregnancy is one of the most common symptoms or conditions experienced at this stage. It is a burning sensation, which is experienced in chest or throat. It may be caused due to variations in the progesterone level and sometimes heartburn in pregnancy is due to irregular meals leading to acid formation in the stomach. Though this can occur at any stage of pregnancy, heartburn during pregnancy in third trimester is more common. At this stage, enlargement of the uterus exerts pressure on stomach and intestine, which increases the chances of heartburn in pregnancy.

There are several myths related to symptoms experienced by women during pregnancy and heartburn is no exception. One of the most common heartburn during pregnancy myths says, if a woman experiences heartburn during pregnancy, she will deliver a baby with excellent hair growth. This is a complete misconception as a woman’s heartburn in pregnancy does not have any relation with the hair growth of babies. Many women have delivered completely bald babies even though they had severe heartburn. If you experience heartburn or any other complications in pregnancy, seek medical attention instead of believing in myths.

Whatever is the cause of heartburn during pregnancy, remedies are available for it. Yet, do not take just any medicine available over the counter. For heartburn in pregnancy, consult your doctor and take medicines prescribed by him. Yet, to meet emergency situations caused by heartburn, you can take Zantac. This does not cause any adverse effect on a pregnant woman’s health and is also recommended by FDA to get relief from heartburn during pregnancy.

Though there are several prescription drugs and home remedies for curing heartburn in pregnancy, it is best to follow a proper diet plan. Taking large meals thrice a day can cause acidity and heartburn. Therefore, it will be ideal to break the meals and intake small meals at frequent interval. Complete your dinner at least a couple of hours before you go to bed as this will help in digestion, which in turn will reduce problems of heartburn in pregnancy.