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Heartburn Causes

The main heartburn causes include the intake of a variety of foods. It also depends on how a certain body with its own set of limitations and sensitivity reacts to different foods. For instance, a fruit like guava which is consumed universally can have diverse effects after consumption. If eaten in an empty stomach, it causes a heartburning sensation marked with burping and acidity, however if eaten with or after meals, can prove to have a laxative effect. Similarly heartburn causes can also concern eating oranges and other citrus products which need to be taken carefully.

On a general note it is advisable to stay away from fried foods prepared richly in spices as they are a chief cause for heartburn. Instead they can be tried upon in winter months when it is comparatively easier to digest heavily fried stuff. People who are ok with the digestive element with a heavy intake of fried products are often unable to burn the contained calories which show up in the deposited fat and obesity.

Another of the heartburn causes is consuming milk which again has contrasting effects. Though it’s fruitful for nerves and the longevity of bones, it has diverse reactions in different age groups. People falling between 40 and 55 often complain of feeling heavy after taking milk as it takes time to get absorbed. The slow process of digestion sees the formation of wind as a by-product which leads to burping. In some cases consuming milk on a daily basis can become one of the heartburn causes. Thus physicians advise taking milk at night or in empty stomachs to avoid gas pains. However, in spite of these drawbacks, milk continues being consumed universally right from the aged groups across to pregnant women.

Another professional observation that goes towards explaining the growing heartburn causes are the menstrual cycles in women during which there is a drastic deterioration in their resistance capacity. They also become more susceptible to have a lack of proper appetite, bouts of indigestion and acidity, and above all pains in the glands and spine.