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The feeling of a burning sensation in an around the chest area or behind the breastbone/ epigastrium is called heartburn. Such a sensation is also commonly known as pyrosis or acid indigestion. The pain of heartburn rises from the chest and spreads around neck, throat and even to the jaws. It is commonly found across all ages and backgrounds. The main reason for such an occurrence can be credited to any indiscipline in the routine of the human body. The common example can be a feeling of giddiness followed by indigestion.

Through time immemorial, practitioners have been devising diverse medications to the aid of humanity. Heartburn and related malfunctions are some of the cases where a human body is unable to cope with the constant changes. The cure for such disorders ranges right from applying Ayurvedic herbs to home-made remedies like cloves. In modern medicine the practice of antacids like Gas X to the use of tried homoeopathic cures like Chelidonium for heartburn are hugely popular due to their immediate relieving effects.

Those who meditate and are against using any kind of drugs prefer do bide their time and control their body reactions simply by the way they manage to inhale and exhale. This systematic way of monitored deep breathing controls and gradually lays rest to all bodily reactions that cause the irregularity and end up in frequent heartburn.

It is often the kind of lifestyle one leads and the degree to which one has faith in a particular line of medicine that causes the remedial effect. One that comes with time and experience, in order to know our bodies well enough, is that of understanding our own bodily limitations towards sustaining and resisting heartburn.

Though the human composition is similar across psyche and ethnicity, we are different owing to our habitat and regional climates. People hailing from cold regions like northern Europe have far greater resistance to withstand natural changes than somebody from the Equatorial habitat. With proper understanding of our bodies we can adapt better and keep all deterrents that cause heartburn at bay in order to stay healthy. Introspection aided with discipline can go a long way in overcoming such irregularities permanently.