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Signs of Heartburn

Heartburn caused due to some abnormal changes of the acid level in stomach is a common problem experienced by people of different age groups. It generally occurs as a side-effect of irregularity in food consumption. Yet, some people may get this due to some medication. Signs of heartburn are also common among pregnant women, especially, when they are in their final months of pregnancy. Signs and symptoms of heartburn vary widely and observing them can help in planning the right diagnosis. Burning sensation around throat is the most common sign of this problem. Yet, there are other signs of heartburn too.

Coughing and Wheezing

Though these signs are mostly related to cold and influenza, it can also mark heartburn problems. In many cases, some stomach acid may come into the mouth while coughing. It is bitter and sometimes sour in taste, depending on the severity of acid formation.


It is another one of the most common signs of heartburn and is experienced mostly by pregnant women. However, acute indigestion with acid formation can also lead to vomiting.

Swallowing Problem

Difficulty in swallowing food is among the common symptoms. Swallowing problems and complaining of feeling some pressure in stomach may also lead to loss of appetite.

Increased Sensation After Meal

People experience heartburn pain mostly while eating or just after meal, when the stomach is heavy. Many people also experience the signs of heartburn when they bend over to do some work or when they lie down.

Symptoms are based on causes, which can range from obesity to pregnancy. Smoking, drinking alcohol, caffeine drinks and an unbalanced lifestyle can also be the cause of heartburn. Some people are found to experience signs of heartburn for consuming excessive food.

Whatever be the cause, keeping an antacid handy can sort out the situation to a great extent. If the symptoms become recurring, it’s high time to follow a healthy diet plan and avoid any food, which can trigger such problems. Prescription pills and homemade remedies are available for the treatment of heartburn. So, get the problem diagnosed as soon as you get signs of heartburn.