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Frequent Heartburn

Frequent heartburn refers to the condition, in which an individual often experiences the heartburn symptoms. If someone experiences the symptoms of heartburn, twice or more than twice a week for a considerable period of time, he is believed to be suffering from heartburn related problems. Treating such condition is possible with proper diagnosis. Yet, it’s advisable to find certain symptoms and causes.

Symptoms of Heartburn

Signs and symptoms of frequent heartburn vary from one individual to other. A burning sensation right below the rib cage or breastbone is a common symptom found among people experiencing heartburn frequently. At times, pains are felt in arms, neck and even shoulders. In some cases, pain accelerates after meals, especially, when someone takes heavy meals. It can also accelerate while practicing physical workout. Yet, a very few people complaining of frequent heartburn experience cold sweat too.

Causes of Heartburn

Lifestyle of an individual is often a major cause of acidity. Someone who takes irregular meal, junk food or fatty foods often complains of heartburn. People who work till late night or are deprived of adequate sleep also suffer from it. Correcting lifestyle plan or practicing a healthy lifestyle along with proper medication can help control the situation.

Some Tips to Cure Regular Heartburn

As frequent heartburn is mostly caused for an improper diet, getting your diet chart modified by a health expert can be helpful. Avoid foods rich in fat or treats, which are acidic in nature. Avoid all kinds of fast food and rely on organic foods, which help in treating such conditions. Do not make a strict diet chart to cope up with frequent heartburn condition. You may not like to follow it. Instead, make a list of foods, which you can take and consume them alternatively. For immediate effect, you may go for FDA recommended antacids available over-the-counter. Yet, complete diagnosis by a doctor is the best solution to get proper cure.