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Heartburn at Night

If you have been experiencing heartburn during the night time and are ridden by mornings simply because the burning sensation in the pit of your stomach does not allow you to sleep, then you need to find a way to prevent this from taking over your resting hours. Heartburn at night is experienced by eight out of ten people and the main reason is the food that a person eats. Unhealthy eating habits are the main cause and the faster you make amends to the way you eat and what you eat, you can indeed rest in peace.

To avoid the restlessness heartburn at night brings, a few tips are listed below that can help you sleep well without any worries:

1. Have a light dinner: If you want to binge, make sure you do it during lunch time. Have a heavy breakfast, a lighter lunch and extremely light dinner – a simple soup and salad should do you good. For those who often suffer and continue to eat heavy meals, heartburn at night may turn into a chronic condition.

2. Do not eat and sleep: Try and eat at least a few hours before you go to bed or even lie down and watch some television. When you lie down immediately, the contents in your stomach will press harder causing heartburn at night. Try and fit in a 10 minute walk after dinner to avoid heartburn.

3. Watch your diet: The best way to avoid heartburn is to avoid foods that are known to cause it. Carbonated and caffeinated beverages, greasy and oily foods, spicy food, citrus fruits and other foods can cause heartburn at night, so be careful with regards to what you eat and you will not experience heartburn.

4. No midnight meals: Don’t indulge in late night snacking, if you feel hungry, have a glass of milk.

When you take care of your diet and your lifestyle, you will notice that the nagging heartburn will become a distant reality. Simple habits can indeed help you get rid of heartburn at night.