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Severe Heartburn

The painful burning sensation felt in your throat and chest, known as heartburn can be easily treated by correcting diet plan. Sometimes, over-the-counter pills are also necessary for treating heartburn. However, heartburn conditions may persist even after treatment, which is generally termed as severe heartburn.

Symptoms of Heartburn

Constant burning sensation in your stomach, chest, throat and back is a major indication of heartburn. Apart from these, one may also experience pain or difficulty while swallowing food along with throat pain, coughing, constant hoarseness and even vomiting. Symptoms vary with causes of heartburn and are never the same for all.

Common Causes of Heartburn

Acidity is one of the most common causes of severe heartburn. If it is left untreated in the primary stage, it may become a serious issue over time. Someone who is experiencing such conditions should avoid fatty and spicy foods. Health experts and nutritionists also recommend people to stay away from caffeine based and alcohol based beverages, as these increase the chances of acidity. Chocolate, tomatoes or any citrus based juices can also cause severe heartburn. In some cases, heartburn is experienced as a side-effect of some medicines. It is wise to consult a doctor for controlling such situations. Heartburn in pregnant women is sometimes caused due to the increased size of uterus, which in turn increases pressure on stomach as well as intestine.

Treatment of Heartburn

Cause of severe heartburn varies from one person to another and consulting a doctor is the best option to treat the cause. Yet, there are some FDA recommended over-the-counter pills for treating the condition. It is advisable to go for these pills only when the underlying cause is known. Apart from prescription pills, avoiding foods triggering acidity is also advisable for people suffering from severe heartburn. For the best results, one should take small meals and should not sleep immediately after dinner. If you are taking prescription pills for the treatment of heartburn, following the diagnosis plan advised by your doctor will be the best option.