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Heartburn Medicine

Heartburn or a burning sensation in throat or chest region is a common problem for millions of people across the globe. Sometimes, this sensation can also be felt in back, arms and jaws. As this is a common problem for people of different age groups, over-the-counter heartburn medicine is now available. Yet all medicines available over-the-counter may not be safe for your health. So, it will be ideal for you to make a heartburn medicine list, which is safe for health. Heartburn medicines often vary depending on age and physical condition of people.

Medicines for Pregnant Women

Heartburn is a common problem during pregnancy and taking chewable antacids is the best way to get relief. Opt for heartburn medicine containing calcium or magnesium hydroxide and magnesium oxide for faster relief. Heartburn is mostly caused due to acid formation. So, swallow antacids with little liquid. Do not include antacids containing aluminum or aspirin in your heartburn medicine list.

Medicines for Babies and Kids

Heartburn is a common problem in kids and babies. Following a healthy diet chart is one of the best ways of treating heartburn in kids and babies. An apple a day can also help in treating heartburn or acidity problem naturally. In case you need heartburn medicine for kids, Rantac can be a good option. Many parents have trusted this medicine. However, it will not be ideal for you to buy heartburn medicines for babies without consulting a doctor.

Medicines for Adults

Several heartburn medicines like Pepcid AC, Rantac, Zantac or Tagamet are available for adults. Yet, before taking any of them, it will be wise to ensure that they are approved by FDA. Otherwise, the heartburn medicine may not be safe for health. Even if a medicine is approved by FDA, it may not be recommended for all. Some antacids or acid reflux medicines are not suitable for patients of asthma or diabetes problem. Antacids for patients with cardiac disease should also be selected with due care. If heartburn medicine not working, you should consult your doctor immediately.